Say what you will but our avocado obsession knows no end and as if we aren’t already suckers for anything remotely pretty, Starbucks Korea just had to unveil only the most aesthetically-pleasing avocado beverage ever!

The Avocado Blended Frappuccino isn’t merely blended with real avocados for its pale green colour, it also resembles an actual avocado. Yeap, you heard that right!

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저도 한번 먹어봤습니다🥑

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When the aforementioned beverage is ordered, the rim of the cup gets lined with a dark green syrup to emulate the peel and to make the “avocado” even more realistic, the pit comes in the form of a perfect chocolate sphere.

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While this creamy and Instagram-worthy drink isn’t new as it was first launched in 2015, it is now back by popular demand as of June 26 and should you be visiting South Korea any time soon, TRY IT ON OUR BEHALF, we beg of you!

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