In case you haven’t heard, aside from being bad for your heart and waistline, sitting all day may also cause big problems for your buttocks. dead butt syndrome

It is a real condition known as the dead butt syndrome (gluteus medius tendinosis) often developed by desk job junkies who works from 9-5 (if not longer), those with long driving commutes, along with gym rats and runners who fail to engage their glutes when exercising.

The syndrome is characterised by inflammation of tendons in one of the three muscles in your buttocks, so they ache and throb. It may lead to lower back pain or sore hips as these body parts try to do the work of your inactive booty.

When you spend hours on end in a seated position, your hip flexors are contracting while your glutes rest. Over time, you’re basically training your glutes to be weak.

What can you do to avoid dead butt syndrome?

Try to take frequent breaks from your chair throughout the day. Get up and walk around, or do some stretches at your desk. Here’s a tip: set hourly reminders on your phone to prompt you to squeeze your butt muscles at regular intervals.

And when you work out, don’t forget to target that booty! Along with squats and bridges, lying-down leg lifts are a good move to add to your routine. Start on your left side with your right leg lifted and the big toe pointing toward the floor as you lift.

Above all, the best way to avoid gluteal amnesia is to mix up your daily routine. Sit on an exercise ball for part of the day. Spend some time standing up, working at a high countertop. Whatever you do, just don’t allow your body to get into a repetitive cycle.


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