Everyone knows that white sneakers are the quintessential fashion girl must-have. The question is: Have you ever wondered how they consistently keep their white sneaks so.. white? This wardrobe staple definitely takes a wee bit more of commitment and TLC as even a quick one hour trip to brunch could end up in a disaster. Every slick of oil, puddle of water and ounce of dirt will literally be your enemy. Here are 8 ways the It Girls care for their pristine, white shoes:

1. Prep them – Prevention is better than cure, so make sure to pre-treat them with a repellant that protects the shoes against stains and water, aside from nurturing the fabric. Make sure to spray over the shoes every few weeks to keep them tip-top as a one spray can only be effective for so long.

2. Spot-cleaning is a must – The quicker you get to the stains, the better, so every time you wear them, wipe off any stains as soon as possible before they penetrate into the fabric and leave a permanent mark. It only takes a few minutes, but remember to be gentle and not scrub too aggressively, especially when suede or canvas is involved.

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3. Know your weapons – Stains and smudges come in various shapes and forms, and there are different user-approved cleaning agents dedicated to each material. For leather, try gentle soap or vinegar. For canvas, laundry detergent or lemon juice. Meanwhile, use only gentle soap on suede and for rubber, try toothpaste or vinegar.

4. Stubborn oil stains – Oil stains are extra stubborn, and should you drop a greasy hot dog on your new kicks or step into an oil slick by accident, use gentle shampoo and scrub on the stain with a toothbrush and it should lift right off. It takes time but it works.

5. Avoid the washing machine – We know it’s way easier to toss your white shoes into the washing machine and forget about them until later, but you should avoid doing this at all cost as the rumbling of even the gentlest cycle will be too rough on the trainers, especially on canvas. Hand-wash, always.

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6. Moistness be gone – White canvas can develop yellow stains when not dried properly or quickly enough and the humidity, on top of the remaining moisture from washing them, is the culprit. To allow them to dry faster, stuff the shoes with crumpled paper towels to absorb the excess water.

7. Store them indoors – The almighty sun causes damage to our skin the same way it does to white shoes, or any other shoes in general. The harsh sun rays can extend discolouration and fading on the shoes, so always bring them indoors to be stored in a cool and dark place if you don’t want the rubber on the soles to turn yellow.

8. Use bleach, but carefully – You can turn to bleach to whiten your shoes, but make sure to dilute the solution by mixing one part bleach to five parts water. Using bleach straight up will leave an odd yellow tone on the shoes. Dip an old toothbrush in the solution and proceed to scrub the shoes gently where needed. Rinse the shoes after you’re done.

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