You may be health conscious, but that doesn’t mean that your social life is doomed. All you have to do is make smarter choices or swaps that may be better for you and this doesn’t just apply for food but also beverages, particularly those containing alcohol.

The amount of calories hidden in many alcoholic drinks can be shocking, so much so that some drinks hit the 500 calorie mark! While every bartender or mixologist makes drinks differently, the rough amount of calories per drink may be something you want to take note of the next time you’re deciding from the menu.

For that reason, we’ve sussed out the average calorie count for some of the most popular beverages at the bar so you can keep them in mind:

Photo: BBC Good Food

Pina Colada – 650 calories

Mimosa – 150-200 calories (8-ounce glass)

Moscow Mule – 138 calories (traditional copper mug)

Rum and Coke – 130 calories

Jack Daniel’s and Coke – 200 calories

Martini – 176 calories

Vodka soda – 64 calories

Tequila – 64-69 calories (one-ounce shot)

Budweiser – 145 calories (12-ounce bottle)

Old Fashioned – 154 calories

Red and white wine – 150 calories (6-ounce glass)


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