I’m sure you’ve come across a staggering selection of essential oil diffusers and air purifiers on your journey to better health. For one, they can make beautiful centrepieces in our homes, offer soothing colour therapy, and of course, deliver super fine particles of pure essential oils into the air of our living spaces.

But did you know, that cleaning the air may also be good for your skin?

Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oils are truly miraculous for the skin and interestingly, you can receive the most benefits from using them in a diffuser.

Among the benefits that essential oils have for the skin are — Tone and tighten the skin, destroys bacteria, fade scars, heal eczema, chapped skin, and acne. On top of that, they can also decrease severity of wrinkles, eliminate oily skin, aide sun damage, reduce stretch marks visibility, as well as relieve body odour and calm irritating insect bite.

Consider using Lavender, Neroli, Myrrhessential, Patchouli, Geranium , Frankincense, Sandalwood, Carrot seed, Lemon and Tea tree essential oils when you want some extra skin care practice.

Note: Essential oils in diffusers should only be used for short intervals of roughly 15 minutes twice a day to avoid dizziness and fatigue from constant exposure to the scent.

Air Purifier

Additionally, poor quality air can raise skin irritation levels such as rashes and eczema which a dusty filled, humid home can exacerbate further. That’s why air purifiers are great, because they have a cooling function that keeps air clean and helps your skin to remain cool and breathe easy.

Purifying the air plays a critical role in destroying microbes and pollutants and also keeps you from sweating too much. From preventing acne and increasing skin moisture, to slow signs of ageing and cut down on skin dullness, air purifiers combat every type of impurity in the air.

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