Tired of the same boring hairstyles for your little girl? Amp up the creativity and be inspired by some of these cute, hip and totally wearable hairdos. Customise the looks to make them your own — and she will be the coolest kid on the block, playground, or at the school!

1. Little love

Subtle and soft. This is perfect for anyone wanting to add a little love into their kids’ hairstyle.

2. Side Braid

Easy, clean and quick! Simply tie a braid on one side of the head and you’re done! Note: Please avoid colouring your child’s hair since it’s pretty harmful for them to do so at such a young age.

3. Twisted Braid Ponytail

When it comes to hairstyles for school, you can never go wrong with a simple ponytail. Add a bit of delicate prettiness to this practical style by twisting an accent braid around it to fancy things up a bit.

4. Half Up Crown Braid

Braiding your daughter’s hair does not mean just tying up her hair in a tight and severe style. You can experiment with the positioning of the braid to create new looks. Here’s a half up-half down braided style that she will look absolutely angelic in!

5. Double Knot Braid

French braid, Dutch braid, fishtail braid…we’ve all heard of these common types of braids. So here’s a new braided style that will take your breath away! These knotted braids look unique and are super functional as they don’t loosen or unravel through the day! Perfect for a long day at school.

6. Ballerina Buns

Oh how you wish your little girl would stay little forever! Well, these ballerina buns are just the thing you need to make her look like the innocent angel that she is. They will keep her hair neatly out of her face and have a childlike innocence of their own.

7. Accented Side Braid

Similar like the side braid (#2), just tie your child’s hair into a ponytail and add some cool hair pins to create a more intricate look.

8. Waterfall Braid Pigtails

This is so cute! If you’re bored with the usual pigtail look, add a small waterfall braid between the pigtails to make it more interesting.

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