Like many other viral internet trends, this latest one is as dumb and pointless as the rest of the so-called social media “challenges” that we’ve had to witness throughout the years. The aim is to put as much fish into your collarbone as possible — and the number of fishes you can fit will prove how skinny you are.

*rolls eyes*

When beauty standards have reached new, impossible heights..

Obviously, this creative (but weird) method can’t be used to measure one’s size accurately, let alone to become the “unique” way of assessing a person’s level of beauty because a) every human beings are blessed with different body types, and b) having a skinny body doesn’t mean that you’re healthier.

Nevertheless, the new beauty movement has received a huge the response by so many people, especially in China, which the trend originated from. Let’s hope it won’t spread to other countries anytime soon!

Nadee Mode
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