Everyone has their own identity and yet the friends they choose to associate themselves with influence and shape their lives in ways untold. While having the company is fun, getting everyone to congregate for a simple meal can prove to be more than difficult when everyone is busy adulting. And if that’s already a challenge, what more when waiting on friends to explore the world with you?

Whether it is an escape from daily obligations or simply getting bitten by the travel bug, an increasing number of young people around the world are consciously choosing to travel solo to get away from it all and take respite. According to Agoda‘s Solo Travel Trends 2018 survey, 61% of those who travel solo concur that they are able to relax and unwind, which compares to 48% when travelling with friends.

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While travelling solo is prominent everywhere, the survey found that Asian solo travellers tend to be younger – Millennials (41%) and Generation Zers (38%), whereas in the West, it is more prevalent amongst those who are older – Baby Boomers (39%) and Generation Xers (24%). Western solo travellers also travel for longer on an average of 4 to 7 nights and are more likely to go on trips of 14 nights or more as compared to Asian solo travellers.

So, where do these solo travellers choose to go? Bangkok in Thailand is the top destination for Asian solo travellers this year, whereas London in United Kingdom is the number one for solo travellers. Unsurprisingly, Tokyo in Japan is also a popular choice. It’s obvious why these aforementioned cities are favourites amongst solo travellers – they are abundant in attractions, whether it is shopping, nightlife, culture or dining.

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Here are the 2018 top solo travel destinations for Asian travellers – 1: Bangkok, Thailand, 2: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 3: Tokyo, Japan, 4: Singapore, 5: Hong Kong, 6: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 7: Manila, Philippines, 8: Bali, Indonesia, 9: Jakarta, Indonesia; and 10: Chiang Mai, Thailand

In comparison, here are the 2018 top solo travel destinations for Western travellers – 1: London, United Kingdom, 2: Tokyo, Japan, 3: Sydney, Australia, 4: Melbourne, Australia, 5: New York, United States, 6: Bangkok, Thailand, 7: Los Angeles, United States, 8: Las Vegas, United States, 9: Singapore, 10: Paris, France

The ultimate question is.. When will you take that leap? Here are 10 vital dos and don’ts to keep in mind should you choose to travel alone!

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