Okay okay, we admit to being beauty snobs.. But have you met those people who go as far as to refrigerate their skincare products? That’s right – It’s nothing new, however we’ve been seeing little fridges being stuffed with beauty products everywhere on Instagram as of late. Oh, there is also #beautyfridge. So, what’s the deal?

While some people are convinced that the ingredients from chilled skincare sink into the skin more effectively than that of those at room temperature, it isn’t scientifically proven. What does happen is that chilling the products helps to extend their shelf life and also leaves a soothing, cooling sensation when applied onto the skin that may calm sensitivity.

So, what sorts of products should you keep in the fridge? Natural beauty products would be great in the fridge as they lack the preservatives to help them last for longer periods of time. Anything with retinol or vitamin C are more sensitive to heat and light, so yeap, they, too, could belong in the fridge.

You could also toss your nail polishes and perfumes in there. The chemicals within nail polishes can separate and get clumpy too fast too soon, whereas perfumes can break down over time. When this happens, the scent then changes and may smell entirely different once it reacts with body heat. The same applies for toners, mists and under-eye treatments.

On the contrary, which products should you keep at room temperature? Creams and oils tend to change in consistency when subjected to drastic temperature changes, which may cause them to thicken or harden. If you do decide to chill your products, we’d suggest getting a separate mini refrigerator instead of dumping them together with your groceries!

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Carmen Chong
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