Technology has come a long way even in the professional cosmetic industry. Instead of sacrificing sleep to apply a full face of makeup, we can now walk out the door looking somewhat decent and ready to go. We’re talking about semi-permanent treatments like eyelash extensions, fillers, micro-blading, and eye line and lip line tattoos.

The latest cosmetic procedure that is slowly gaining popularity? Lip blushing – Think a daily wash of MLBB (my lips but better) colour that never rubs off no matter what you eat and that gives you the healthiest flush, making you look youthful and ultimately more awake.

This semi-permanent procedure involves using a strong machine to embed synthetic pigments deep into the dermis to enhance the colour of the lips. The pigments are usually organic and the results are very natural looking, so others probably wouldn’t be able to tell you’ve got something done.

Unlike a lip tattoo, this procedure involves shading, lining and pixelating techniques. According to the tint you’re looking for, each shade can be customised to suit various skin tones. Each lip tint lasts for up to two years without the need for retouching, and the shade can always be adjusted.

If you’re wondering about pain, a topical numbing cream is applied beforehand so only a light stippling sensation will be experienced. As for how long each treatment takes, be prepared to be stuck in that chair for about an hour and a half. What do you reckon?


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