Ah, Halloween. The annual spooky, trick-or-treating, pumpkin-carving holiday that warrants everyone to dress up in ridiculous and sometimes ingenious costumes which are likely to be talked about for years to come. While the adults relish in being able to get away with looking ludicrous, their children, too, aren’t spared from the revelry.

It’s hilarious when parents dress their children up in adorable (or ridiculous) onesies, but nothing takes the cake like little humans dressed up as American rapper, singer and songwriter Post Malone, complete with his infamous face tattoos, teeth grill and well, smoking habit.

Look across on Instagram and you’ll find a slew of photos featuring children made up in suits, braids and even carrying Olive Garden bags, all in the name of imitating the “Better Now” rapper’s style. Kudos to you parents who took the time to make it all happen – the costumes are incredible!

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POSTed up outside of Olive Garden. #postmalone

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Happy Halloween 🎃 #postmalone

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