Many of us swear by dry shampoo for those days we can’t be bothered with washing our hair, and it’s probably the only known saviour that is able to transform our greasy, hot-mess hair into something that looks somewhat fresh, clean and presentable in public in less than 30 seconds. With that said, a new article suggests that we may have been using it wrong.

Normally, we’d blast dry shampoo on our roots and then haphazardly work it into the scalp for it to do its magic by allowing the powders to suck up the oils and neutralise odours before we step out the door. The problem with the aforementioned routine is that it doesn’t allow the powders enough time to work completely.

Photo: Byrdie

Instead, hairstylist Kristin Ess suggests using dry shampoo at night. She says, “If your roots are extra oily, you can spray them with dry shampoo at night before you climb into bed, so the powders can soak up excess oil while you sleep.” It actually makes so much sense.

Try this hack the next time you’re in need of a little help in the mane department. Spray on the product on your roots, tie your hair up in a very loose bun and then go to bed. In the morning, simply massage your roots to distribute the powder and helloooooooo good-looking hair!


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