There is a lot to be excited about every time you board that plane to explore an unknown destination. There is culture, the food, people you encounter on the road and not forgetting, all the Instagram-worthy backdrops of notable sights and sounds that await you.

Needless to say, it’s crucial to be photo-ready on your vacay… except your skin starts acting up right as you land, becoming a total buzzkill. The question is.. Why does travelling take a toll on the skin? More importantly, what can you do to avoid airplane acne?

It’s totally normal to arrive at your destination with a T-zone that’s greasier than usual and the most prominent cause for this is dry cabin air. In fact, the humidity on a plane plummets to only about 20% of regular levels and this really dehydrates the skin.

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As a result, the skin is sent into an overdrive, causing it to generate more oil to rehydrate itself. With more oil comes clogged pores, and that is what’s responsible for the breakouts as oil carries bacteria. On top of blotting papers, you should constantly be drinking loads of water and avoid alcohol.

In addition, make sure to exfoliate to essentially get rid of the dry surface layer of the skin. This will aid in clearing congestion in the pores. Make sure to follow up with sunscreen as the UV rays get harsher at higher altitudes, and if you can, skip wearing makeup on the plane.

To keep the bodily systems balanced internally, avoid eating sugar and dairy, which may add on to the overall stress of travel. Aside from using a calming, antioxidant-packed face mask, you can also slather on some acne spot treatment to keep those potential zits at bay. Good luck!


Carmen Chong
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