Every woman has insecurities about her body, and one of the more common ones is the dreaded orange peel effect on the skin a.k.a. the dreaded cellulite. Yep, it affects women of all shapes and sizes, and an expert revealed that one daily habit most of us are accustomed to is making it worse.

Clelia Monteux Scientific Attache from LPG Endermologie said that crossing the legs worsens the appearance of cellulite as it restricts the blood and lymphatic circulation around the legs. This issue may also magnify should you often wear tight-fitting clothing like skinny jeans or leggings.

Photo: Independent.ie

When you sit cross-legged, it puts pressure on the limbs and this encourages the formation of aqueous cellulite, aside from causing more problems later in life such as back pain. The poor circulation boosts the intensity of water retention as blood is stopped from flowing freely or draining bodily toxins.

The result? The exacerbated water retention then causes the skin tissue to swell, leading to the orange peel effect showing up on the surface of the skin. Now you know, but of course, staying hydrated at all times, avoiding salty foods and exercising regularly also helps with water retention!


Carmen Chong
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