Our love for K-beauty knows no bounds and whatever the Korean skincare gurus say, we take heed intently. With that said, it can sometimes be a little excessive and unnecessarily overwhelming. Case in point: The 10-step skincare routine that’s well-loved and has a cult status for obvious reasons – unfailing results. However, nobody has that much time on their hands to layer on product after product, especially during early mornings when that extra five minutes of sleep is critical.

Thankfully, the K-beauty community has heard the lazy millennial’s cry for a simpler, streamlined skincare regime that is absolutely low maintenance without compromising the skin’s needs in the form of a new trend called skip-care. Not only is it less of a time investment, this trend involves purging the skincare wardrobe for a more condensed yet highly strategic routine that is imperative to achieve the plump and hydrated, lit-from-within skin goals.

Photo: Aesthetics Hub

The aim here with skip-care is to have an ongoing dialogue with the skin to understand its real needs and finding the right products that can do more so you can get by with minimal to no effort. While the conventional, consolidated four-step routine involves cleansing, toning, treating and moisturising, skip-care advocates using hybrid products that double up in function and results but also requires less work.

For instance, Blithe’s Tundra Chaga Pressed Serum is a serum and moisturiser hybrid with a thick, custard-like consistency that has the ability to seal the anti-oxidants in without the need of an additional moisturiser. Similar products include the Mamonde Calming Hydro Sleeping Mask which works both ways as a potent moisturiser and overnight treatment, and the J.One Jelly Pack, which is a hydrating moisturiser and makeup primer hybrid.

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