Trust us – We’ve had our fair share of scouring the internet for mouth-watering photos and videos revolving around food when the late night hunger pangs kick in and it’s not exactly the ideal time to whip up something to eat. Admittedly, it sort of is counterintuitive, but it’s also gratifying.. in a weird way. Oh, come on, we can’t be the only ones!

One good thing that did come out of all that intensive lurking on the web is the discovery of more niche YouTubers we adore for specific reasons. Sure, big guys like Sorted Food, Foodtube by Jamie Oliver, and Laura in the Kitchen are always fun to watch and learn from, but it’s time we give a shoutout to our new found favourites too. Enjoy!

1. Jess Beautician

Even if you aren’t a vegan, you’ll adore Jessica’s “What I Eat in A Day” videos and plant-based recipes that are as ingenious as they are creative. There’s something about the clean and simple aesthetics, combined with the pared back music and her soothing voice that makes her videos so compelling to watch! Not exactly a chef, but highly informative nonetheless.

2. Tastemade – Good Times with Jen Phanomrat

Tastemade isn’t new by any means, but there are a few common faces we cannot get enough of. Case in point – Jen Phanomrat. While her recipes are no less spectacular, what really drew us to watching her videos is her sassy AF personality. She also has her a food blog and food channel on YouTube which she shares with her fiancé Leo called Just Eat Life.

3. Tastemade – Struggle Meals with Frankie Celenza

Celenza epitomises the broke millennial life so very perfectly by sharing simple yet tasty recipes with affordable ingredients.. and his drawer of condiments like ketchup, chilli sauce, salt and pepper accumulated from one too many visits to the fast food chains. It just goes to show that nothing is impossible.. even if you’re penniless!

4. Topless Baker

If there’s anything sexier than a man who bakes, it’s a topless man with a British accent who bakes. Say what you will about his self-marketing strategy, but his hot bod aside, Matt Adlard’s videos make something as daunting as baking seem easy. Hey, you’d probably pay more attention to his instructions too!

5. Honeysuckle

Dzung Duong of Honeysuckle just has the whole package and we can’t decide if we adore her demure personality, childlike yet calming voice, pretty pastel kitchen aesthetics or easy-to-follow recipes more. All her videos are a visual experience in their own right, and we reckon you’ll love them too.