There’s nothing worse than spending your hard-earned money on a brand new bottle of foundation only to find out later that it doesn’t really match your skin tone. Yes, it’s probably salvageable and you can always mix it in with other foundations to lighten or darken it.. But there’s a method you can employ to avoid that problem altogether.

Hector Espinal, who has made up big names like Cardi B and is also Fenty Beauty’s Global Makeup Artist, revealed a quick solution for matching foundation to your skin tone, and whenever he spills any tips and tricks, we’re all ears as they must also be queen Rihanna-approved.

In an interview with Bustle, he shared two tips for finding the perfect shade: Identifying your undertone and swatching the product on the right area of the body. Here’s how you can identify your undertone, which typically would be one of the three – warm, cool or neutral.

According to the beauty guru, a quick and effortless way to find out what your undertone is, is by pressing down on your wrist with the thumb. The first colour that shows up is your undertone. Simple right? The next step involves picking the colour that is the closest to your skin tone.

He says, “Because your face is sometimes lighter or darker than your body, I always match the foundation to the chest,” As for concealer, he suggests swatching the product on the back of the wrist as it is the lightest part and doesn’t get exposed to the sun too much.

When it comes to tools, the pro makeup artist recommends using one that is tailored to your skin type. A brush or sponge is ideal for oily skin, however it’s best to use a dampened sponge for drier base textures. With skin conditions like rosacea, avoid using tools that need lots of motion because it can further aggravate the sensitivity.

Finally, he stays clear from using the fingers, pointing out that it isn’t hygienic, and that, “You’re messing with your pores and it’s going to make you break out.” Welp.. Guilty as charged. At least now we know!