Every woman peaks differently for various aspects of her life, but that doesn’t invalidate their successes whatsoever, regardless of the expanse of their personal goals. And that’s exactly what Beauty ReWritten champions. It’s Sephora’s latest initiative that challenges pre-conceived notions of beauty and success through the celebration of diversity far beyond what meets the eye.

With a goal to empower and liberate women, Beauty ReWritten seeks to acknowledge beauty beyond face value and to drive dialogue amongst women in an effort to build a community of women who are supportive of one another by bringing fearless women in the spotlight and sharing their stories. Hence, eight women of various ages, race and cultural backgrounds are highlighted for this initiative.

The women hail from countries within the region like Thailand, Singapore and Australia, and the two from Malaysia include Nadira Yussof, a determined mother of six with the same number of businesses under her belt, and Sandhya Manoj, an accomplished Odissi dancer, yoga master and mother of two. Embracing their own definition of beauty, both of them recently spoke of their participation in the initiative.

“Beauty to me is my strength. For being able to stand up for myself and to be where I am today,” said Nadira. Meanwhile, Sandhya mentioned, “People do not see me as who I am internally which is much more important. And that’s what beauty is to me. Everything that shows as external beauty is a portrayal of a beauty within.” The stories of these women are now available on Sephora SEA’s Beauty feed via the mobile app.

Access www.sephora.my to shop or find out more about Beauty ReWritten. Alternatively, download the Sephora app on Apple App Store or Google Play Store to read the stories of these women via the new Beauty Feed.